justin headshotJustin has been proudly serving in the Colorado State House of Representatives since 2013.  He has been living in Jefferson County since 1978.

He is the first person in his family to graduate from college, having earned his B.A. from Chapman University.  Justin also has his M.B.A. (with emphases in Finance, Entrepreneurship and International Business) from the University of Colorado at Denver, and a law degree from the University of Denver Law School, with an emphasis in business planning.

Justin has spent his entire career – starting even before law school – in the world of small business.  He knows first-hand how needlessly difficult it is to build and to maintain a business in this current climate.  He knows that overgrown government is too often part of the problem, and too seldom part of the solution.

Justin runs a small business in South Jefferson County that specializes in alternative dispute resolution, providing an efficient and cost-effective way for businesses to better manage internal and external disagreements.  He also helps small businesses with pro-bono strategic and financial planning.

Justin Coaching Some 5th GradersHe is active in the community, from 2004 to 2012 he has served as President of COHOPE, one of South Jeffco’s oldest community organizations.

And Justin has been working to protect our liberties and freedoms since the 1980s, originally inspired by Ronald Reagan’s 1980 campaign and after first meeting U.S. Senator Bill Armstrong in 1984.  He has held a multitude of positions within the Republican Party, including his work for the Republican National Committee (RNC) in Washington, D.C., after the Republicans captured Congress in 1994.  He served as a National Delegate in 2004, the Teller Committee Chair for the 2004 Jefferson County Assembly, was a District Captain and Precinct Committeeman, and has worked on several campaigns as both a paid staffer and a volunteer.  He served on the Board of the Parents Alliance for Choice in Education (PACE).

While representing House District 22 in the Colorado Legislature, he is also one of, if not the only legislator that reads all bills before he votes.   Justin always takes a common sense approach to all legislation.  This common sense approach starts with a "Why?" question.  Specifically: "Why should we do this?",  "Why should we continue to do this?", "Why did we start doing this?", and "Why are we spending taxpayer dollars on this?".  Sadly, about half of the time no one can adequately answer these questions - so it's not suprising that he has voted "NO" more than anyone in the history of the legislature.  Justin has been ranked a top legislator by both Principles of Liberty and the Colorado Union of Taxpayers each of the 4 years he has served in the legislature.

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