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Justin is proud to have Former Congressman and State Board of Education Chairman Bob Schaffer, Jefferson County School Board Member Julie Williams and Education Policy expert Ben Degrow on his team.

Justin is a STRONG & PROVEN ADVOCATE for school choice.

Whether it is a voucher on the front side or a tax credit on the backside (or both), Justin believes we need to give hard-working parents more options for their children’s education.  “Local Control”, should mean Mom, Dad and their kids sitting around the kitchen table - figuring out which school is the best fit for them. Government should not limit family’s choices – be it a public, private, home or parochial school option.  No family should have to struggle financially to get a quality education.

Justin opposes Common Core and PARCC, and has sponsored legislation to defund it, stop it and postpone its implementation.

Four Ideas on Education Reform:

  1. Bill to allow vouchers and or tax credits
  2. Bill to require transparency in budgeting process and open labor negotiations
  3. Bill Eliminating Collective Bargaining (Think Wisconsin)
  4. Referendas to eliminate laws that limit parent's choices
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