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tom-tancredo-at-kickoff-optimized"I am pleased to offer my support to Justin Everett as he seeks a seat in the Colorado State House of Representatives. The crucial battles on many fronts (including immigration) are being fought in state legislatures.  As such it becomes even more important for us to send the best and the brightest to represent us there.  As far as I am concerned, Justin fits the bill perfectly." - Congressman Tom Tancredo               

     Neither the  United States or Colorado are in the financial position to be the welfare state to the world.

     Some estimates say that illegal aliens cost Colorado as much as $1.5 Billion in State Services.  This is money we could use to shore up the State Budget or better yet, return to taxpayers.  Aside from challenging Federal Law and trying to get the Feds to enforce Federal Law, there are things we can do at the state level to send a message that illegal immigration will NOT be tolerated.  

Three Ideas on Dealing with Colorado's Illegal Alien Problem:
  1. All government entities receiving state money (including schools) MUST have an accounting of the number of illegals receiving services
  2. Dismissal of any public employee “Knowingly” providing public services to an illegal alien, and require restitution for all the taxpayer’s money spent on those services.
  3. Require proof of citizenship to get a drivers license or state issued ID, then require this photo ID to vote
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