Key Issues

Principled Conservative

We want a proven conservative that will ALWAYS look out for taxpayer as our next State Representaive.  My track record stands alone among the candidates for State Representative.  Over the last six years in the legislature, my record is arguably the most conservative voting record in the history of the Colorado Legislature.  Please be a good citizen and do your research before you vote.

Specifically check the ratings on (POL) and (CUT).  THERE IS A BIG DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE CANDIDATES.  For example, in the 2017 & 2018 Principles of Liberty ratings, I got an “A+” rating, while the other candidate got an “F”, yes an “F”!!  With these ratings, politicians who claim to be “conservative” are exposed.  It only gets worse if you look at the column “Fiscal Responsibility” in POL, the other candidates received an “F“ while I have an “A”.  If your grade is an “F“ on fiscal responsibility, you cannot claim to be conservative.  I will continue to be that “A+” conservative voice as your State Representative.

Liberty and Freedom

As a Constitutional Conservative, my voting record is second to none

The Second Amendment

As one of only 3 legislators to earn an “A+” rating from the NRA, it’s clear that I don’t compromise when it comes to our individual rights.  Not only do I vote the right way on 2A issues, I sponsor gun rights legislation every year to roll back Colorado unconstitutional restricts on our rights.

Individual Liberty

It’s not just the 2nd Amendment we need to defend.  I carry the Constitution with me everywhere I go.  If any legislation seeks to restrict our liberties in any way, shape or form – it’s an easy no vote.  Look at my voting record, I vote no more than anyone else in the history of the Colorado Legislature.

Limited Government

As the government expands, freedom and liberty contracts.  My philosophy and record is clear, the government is too big and too intrusive.  Any legislation that seeks to expand the size and scope of government is another easy no vote.

Open Colorado Now

Our liberal Governor should not have shut down Colorado.  Business owners should be able to choose to open and establish their own rules if necessary. Citizens can decide for themselves if they want to use these businesses.  We’re adults, we can can assess the risks without government interference.


Traditional family values are at the core of a stable society.  I’m the only candidate in the race that supports Traditional Family Values.


This is an issue I’ve never waivered on.  I’m 100% Pro-life.  As adults it is our duty to protect children, including the unborn.


Traditional Marriage has been the foundation of society. When I was on helping to draft the National Republican Platform in 2016, I had the platform amended to reflect traditional marriage and families.  This is an issue where my opponent and I disagree greatly.

Parental Rights

Very simply, parents should raise their children not the government.  Decision making from education, to health care choices should be the right of the parent.  Government should not interfere with a parents’ right to raise their children.

Government's Expansion Into The Family

The government has expanded it’s role in interferring with families and how they function.  This move towards a “Nanny State” where the government takes control of the family must stop.


Reform comes from parents and students having more choices.

Parents and Students Should Have Choices

Parents and students should be able to pick the school that best fits their needs.  Whether this is public, private or parochial, the money should always follow the student.  Getting the best quality education for all students is paramount.

Common Core and Data Collection

During my tenure in the legislature, I ran legislation to get Colorado out of Common Core.  In addition, I ran legislation to prevent the government and private companies from collecting and controlling unnecessary data on our kids and parents.

School Finance: Money is NOT the Problem

Kindergarten through 12th grade is the single biggest expenditure in the Colorado’s state and local budgets.  If we cut out waste and strings associated with funding at the state level, push that savings directly into the classroom, we can make a greater direct impact on our students.

Economic Issues

The left wants to ruin Colorado’s strong economy.


In 2013, the State Budget was $21.3 billion.  In 2019 the State Budget was $30 billion.  Politicians who tell you we don’t have the money to fix and expand the roads are lying.  We need people who are willing to make transportation funding a priority.  Every year, I’ve run amendments to the budget to take money out of wasteful programs and put it into roads.  Every year, the Democrats in the majority shoot the amendments down.

Taxes and Spending
Business and the Economy

Aside from recieving top ratings from the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), I have a very basic philosopy on business and the economy.  More regulation on businesses in a no vote because that drives up costs for businesses and the consumer.  Government need to get out of the way, and let the free market work. In addition, I don’t think government should pick winners and losers in the market place.  Targeted tax breaks and regulations shouldn’t exist.  We should cut taxes and regulations for ALL businesses.  Businesses are over-regulated and over-taxed.  The private sector is the driver of the economy, the government is not.

Oil and Gas

The oil and gas industry has been the number one target of the left.  They have effectually started to drive these white and blue collar jobs out of the state.  We need to stop the bleeding and attacks on the industry.

Illegal Immigration

I’m 100% against illegal immigration and Sanctuary Cities.  Illegal is illegal!  Illegal immigration’s cost to taxpayers is too much!

Other Issues #1

These are general issues we get inquiries on

The Death Penalty

Like most citizens, I’m 100% in favor of the Death Penalty.

National Popular Vote

Other Issues #2

As we get questions from citizens, we will expand this area.


Democrats and some Republicans think that more mandates on doctors and insurance companies will drive down costs.  This has had the opposite effect.  My opponent has carried legislation that institutes additional Obamacare-like mandates.  This is bad public policy, and this is an area the goverment should NOT be expanding.  Our premiums have skyrocketed because of this.

Other Issues #3

As we get questions from citizens, we will expand this area.