If you look at my top rankings in the two main conservative ratings, it’s clear I talk like a conservative and actually vote like a conservative.  But’s it’s important to know legislation I’ve run and co-sponsored.  Here is a partial list:

On Matters Dealing With The State Treasurer (I’m the ONLY Treasurer candidate who has run legislation with our current State Treasurer):

  • Bill expanding the Treasurer’s investment options.
  • Bill to allow the State Treasurer to see all the PERA (Public Employees’ Retirement Association) financials.  They could be $83,000,000,000 underfunded!
  • Bill to allow the PERA Board to see the PERA Financials, plus changing the composition of the board from 11 out of 15 PERA recipients to a balance of 7 recipients (Most of whom have to be more than 10 years from retirement) and 7 financial professionals.

2nd Amendment (I’m one of only 4 legislators and only Treasurer candidate to get an “A+” Rating from the NRA):

  • Make My Day Better (Castle Doctrine in your place of business)
  • School Carry
  • Constitutional Carry
  • Repeal of the 2013 Gun Grab bills

Life (I have one of the strongest records on Life in the legislature):

  • Everything from being a co-sponsor of Life at Conception recognition legislation, de-funding Planned Parenthood to the Abortion Pill Reversal Act.

Education (I’m a product of school choice, I support families not bureaucrats making decisions):

  • Repeal of Obama’s Common Core.
  • Everything School Choice from Charters to Private and Religious Schools.
  • Cost Benefit analysis requirement for Higher Education on majors.  How much do they cost? How many do we have (too many)?  Can you get a job and how much does it pay with your major?  Kind of important to see if this is a cost driver (Yes it is!) with college tuition greatly outpacing inflation.

Military (we need to honor those who serve and have served):

The first bill I ran and passed (2013) was stopping the discrimination by our Higher Education system for our active military personnel, veterans and their families for qualifying for in-state tuition.  We simplified the legislation this year as well.

Right to Work (I carry this legislation every year):

  • Can’t be forced to join a union to obtain or keep a job.
  • Union dues cannot be automatically deducted from your paycheck (this includes for political purposes).
  • Statistics show this is one of the most important economic drivers for states.