The Truth about the candidates (Scroll down for more info!)  HINT: JUSTIN IS 100% PRO-TRUMP

Justin is a Principled Conservative, known as the hardest working legislator

Quick answers:

  • Justin was the ONLY CANDIDATE SUPPORTING President Trump in 2016.  During the Get Out The Vote effort in 2016, his opponent was purposely absent.  Justin is still a YUGE supporter of our President!  THEY’RE EVEN CHOPPING UP QUOTES THAT PROVE JUSTIN SUPPORTED THE PRESIDENT IN 2016.  These people are liars like Hillary Clinton’s people who ARE backing my opponent.
  • There was NEVER a walkout over the President, this one is pretty ripe.
  • Justin had 2 excused absences in 6 years.  Stomach flu, it happens
  • During those 2 excused absences the State House did vote.  
  • Justin was NEVER “removed from committees”, scroll down and read the “Lies” section.  They’re attacking my parent’s health issues and making this very personal.
  • There was NEVER a lobbying firm registered at Justin’s home address.  Now they’re attacking his girlfriend who is NOT a lobbyist (see below).  Geesh, these people are dirty – but they’re Hillary Clinton’s people – what should we expect?

There is a lot of misinformation, and good old fashioned lies out there in this election. There has been a lot of money spent in this House District 22 Republican Primary Election. Between TV, mail, calls, texts, and digital advertising, dark money spending on my opponent’s behalf could easily top $600,000 (UPDATED FROM THE ORIGINAL $400,000). In comparison, in my three races, including two primaries for this House Seat, my total spending, including the Primary and General Election, never exceeded $50,000. The money trail leads to liberal special interest groups (There will be a tab below for this).

Who is funding my opponent’s campaign and paying for all this mail and TV?  The biggest group “Coloradans For Constitutional Values” is the main funder.  How deceptive are they?  How can you have a name like that when you are funded by Unite America, who is funded by Kathryn Murdoch.  Kathryn Murdoch gave $88,000 to Hillary Clinton in 2016.  It’s funny they’re funding these ads, because they are the anti-Trump group and I’m a DEPLORABLE! This liberal funding shouldn’t be surprising since my opponent sides with the Democrats most of the time on his votes.

This level of spending wasn’t wholly unexpected. However, being an effective conservative legislator that didn’t play ball with the special interests at the Capitol makes me a threat to the “business-as-usual” crowd. A bunch of groups want a piece of Colorado’s $30 billion budget; it’s not surprising they are supporting my opponent – he has embraced their business-as-usual mantra.

So, I’m creating this webpage to help you, the voter, make an informed decision. Of course, I want your support and vote, but I want that to be an informed decision.

If you want a proven conservative who will fight for citizens over special interests, I need your vote.

Please click on the “+” (plus sign) next to each topic below to expand it. The expansion will provide more information and maybe some links.

I hope this is useful to you, and would value your vote.

Thank you, and God bless!

Justin’s Record

As a Constitutional Conservative, my voting record is second to none.  We need a conservative representing us.

The ONLY candidate who supported President Trump in 2016

It’s laughable to see the commercials claiming I didn’t support our President in 2016.  Not only did I support him, but I allocated all of my campaign resources to get the President elected.  Now they are chopping up quotes and using a quote that confirmed I supported our President in 2016.  If you got the mailer, here is the full quote:  “Everett acknowledged that he didn’t support Trump until after the 2016 Republican National Convention — like most high-profile Colorado Republicans”. Click here and here.

#1/A+ Rated Conservative

For 5 of the 6 years I served, I finished as the #1 A+ rated legislator by Principles of Liberty.  They rated almost half of the bills and scored legislators.  Click here to see what they’re evaluation criteria was.  This operation was taken over by The Republican Liberty Caucus of Colorado in 2019.

Conservative iVoter Rating: "Very Conservative"

iVoter is a consortium of conservative organizations including the Family Research Council and American Family Action.  They do comprehensive research into each candidate, and rate them.  Here is a sample ballot for our district.

Called the "Combative Conservative" by The Denver Post

I fight for conservative values, and don’t give any ground to the liberals.  If you want a conservative fighter representing you, I need your vote.  Here is the link, but it’s behind the paywall.  Here is a free re-print.

The Candidate that can win and help other conservatives. Justin runs up the score on Democrats

Justin has won our house district by larger margins while spending less money.  Let’s take a look at the election history of House District 22:

2018 (Colin drops to 6%, when Justin won the district by 30%)

Colin Larson  23,064        53.63%
DEM                19,939        46.37%

2016 (Justin won by 30%)
Justin Everett  26,311       60.46%
DEM                 17,207       39.54%

2014 (Justin won by 15%, while he was outspent 3 to 1)                                     
Justin Everett  20,396       55.37%
DEM                 14,748        40.04%
Libertarian        1,693           4.60%

2012 (Justin wins his 1st election by 9% in a bad Republican year)                                                         Justin Everett   23,117       52.32%
DEM                  19,289        43.65%
Libertarian         1,781           4.03%


Opponent’s Record

He is a moderate at best, don’t believe all the special interest groups spending money on his behalf

An "F" (failing) Conservative

The Republican Liberty Caucus gave my opponent an “F” for each year in the legislature (at least he’s consistent).  When it comes to conservative values, you can’t trust him or any of the ads and mailers.  2019 Rating (Scroll way down on the linked page), 2020 Rating.

Conservative iVoter Rating: "Moderate"

iVoter is a consortium of conservative organizations including the Family Research Council and American Family Action.  They do comprehensive research into each candidate, and rate them.  Here is a sample ballot for our district..

Recognized for voting with Democrats by the Colorado Sun. Criticized Justin for being partisan.

My opponent votes with the Dems.  The Colorado Sun, an online news paper with a bunch of former Denver Post reporters did the analysis.  Here is the link.  This makes sense because before my opponent was elected, he criticized me for being too partisan in the Columbine Courier.

Claims to be "Pro-Life", but votes with Planned Parenthood 77% of the time

On his website and on all the dark money mailers, the claim is Colin is Pro-life.  He’s not, he votes with Panned Parenthood 77% of the time. Click here and scroll down to the bottom of page 4.

Supports the Homosexual Agenda

Not only was he the highest scoring Republican in the House siding with the LGBTQ lobby, but he attended their press conference celebrating their victories.  He is on the far-right in the picture with the glasses.  Click here.

Healthcare/Obamacare Mandates

Democrats and some Republicans think that more mandates on doctors and insurance companies will drive down costs.  This has had the opposite effect.  My opponent has carried legislation that institutes additional Obamacare-like mandates, like this one for mandating mental health exams, that he sponsored with one of the most liberal members of the State House.  This is bad public policy, and this is an area the goverment should NOT be expanding.  Our premiums have skyrocketed because of this.

Lies About Attendance and Committee Assignments + other stuff

Fact: Justin missed 2 days of the legislature due to illness in 6 years


This is just too funny, not only am I the only candidate in this race who supported our President in his 2016 election, I’m the only vocal Pro-Trump candidate now.  Notice how these ads never mention my opponent’s support of the President.  I organized the Get Out The Vote (GOTV) effort for our President in 2016, and he won our district by a YUGE margin.  My opponent who was the Republican in charge of the GOTV operation in his precinct, refused to help our President.  They’re lying about me, to hide this fact.  Now they are chopping up quotes and using a quote that confirmed I supported our President in 2016.  If you got the mailer, here is the full quote:  “Everett acknowledged that he didn’t support Trump until after the 2016 Republican National Convention — like most high-profile Colorado Republicans”.


This accusation has been around since 2014, and isn’t true.  If you email me, I’ll go into the politics behind this, but here is the truth. According to the official record of the State House of Representatives, the House Journal,  I missed 2 days because of illness in 6 years of service.  When this claim was made by my primary opponent and my Dem opponent in 2014, the now defunct Columbine Courier reviewed the records and had this to say: “according to the House’s official journal, Everett was marked each time as being in attendance.” –Ramsey Scott, The Columbine Courier, April 1, 2014.

Never was kicked off committees, this lie is the worst

2014 was a tough session.  I had the heaviest workload of any legislator, serving on 3 committees, reading all of the bills (I’m the only one I know of that does this) and causing pain for the Dems and some liberal Republicans. During the session, my Mom  who lives in South Carolina had a stroke, and Dad was diagnosed with cancer.
I asked to be temporarily taken
off committees to help my parents, and make arrangements (During the budget, when committee work is light). The Dems spun it as removal to the Denver Post.  They refused to correct their article (shocking!).  Even during this time, I still was at the State Capitol every day to work for you.  What makes this the worst, is I did nothing wrong, helped family, and now it’s being used against me.

Missed Votes

This is a fun one, and a classic example of spin.  Comparatively, I was on the low end of missed votes because all legislators miss votes.  If you have an excused absence, and the calendar is heavy with with bills, 1 missed day can equal 50 “missed” votes.  As I explained earlier, I missed 2 days in 6 years due to illness.  That was the majority of my missed votes (when we calculated this in 2014 when this was made a political issue).  Plus, Dem committee chairs play games.  You ask the committee chair to hold the vote if it comes up when you go to the restroom – they don’t always hold the vote.  Being on 3 committees for 6 years, these shennagians added a couple.  But on the spectrum of missed votes I was at the bottom of all legislators missing votes.

Lobbyist Firm at Justin's House

They’re making these attacks really personal.  My girlfriend registered an LLC at my house for one main reason: safety.  She had to get off social media because of being stalked.  The business  registration was just to reserve a name, there is no actual business associated with it.  She isn’t a lobbyist, but she is an attorney…This was probably a bad move by Hillary Clinton’s people – STAY TUNED!

The Liberal Special Interests Supporting my Opponent

From Hillary Clinton major donors, organizations supporting “Independent” candidates to help defeat Republicans to left wing educational interests…

“Coloradans for Constitutional Values” IEC

The name is disgustingly misleading, and they just formed their committee to help my opponent. Honestly, being funded by this group should make every Republican and Conservative run away from my opponent.  Unite for Colorado funds them. Unite for Colorado ran and supported 3rd party candidates to help defeat Republicans in 2018.  Unite for Colorado is funded by Unite for America.  Read this article to find out about the Hillary Clinton MegaDonor who funds them.

Assuring Quality Healthcare Access For Colorado IEC

This is COPIC, Colorado Medical Society and probably the Hospital Association.  They supported my opponent to the tune of $100,000 in 2018.  They support more taxpayer funding for healthcare, more government mandates and are huge proponents of Obamacare.  My opponent’s votes and the legislation he has introduced align with these groups.

Better Schools For A Stronger Colorado IEC

Funded by Stand For Children. Stand For Children is a major supporter of Common Core, OPPOSED my legislation to get Colorado out of Common Core, and they OPPOSE school choice.  I was told, but have not confirmed they also are funded by Teacher’s Union money.

Friends for the Future (F3)

This is a committee formed under Section 527 of the Federal Tax Code.  Their Board members include liberal Republicans who are hell bent in changing the Republican party from a conservative party to Democrat lite.