If you want someone who is actually qualified, a true conservative and can win,

then I need your vote by 7pm on June 26th!


It’s important that we actually know what the State Treasurer does, before we select our nominee to beat the liberal that the Democrats put up.  So, the State Treasurer does 3 things:

  1. Oversees the Unclaimed Property Office
  2. Manages $6 Billion in cash funds
  3. Serves on the board for PERA (Public Employees’ Retirement Association), PERA our state pension system may be $83 billion underfunded, nearly 3 times our entire state budget.


The other candidates will tell you that they’re “qualified” for the job, but in reality this is a FINANCE position.  You need to understand investments, and how money works. I am the only candidate with direct private sector experience.  Not only do I have an MBA (Master of Business Administration) in Finance, but I’ve worked with small businesses managing their cash and investments.

We want someone with private sector experience.  People in the public sector are one of the main reasons that PERA is so badly underfunded.  Plus, the responsibilities of the State Treasurer are different than you County Treasurer.  An economics degree with a questionable economics background is not going to cut it.  Having a background in risky real estate investments is definitely not what we want.

Plus, I’m the only one in this race who has actually run legislation concerning the State Treasurer and to fix PERA.  PERA refused to give our current State Treasurer (who serves on their Board of Trustees) the financials.  Understand, that this is basic information that anyone who serves on a Board, should have access to.

Our State Treasurer actually had to sue the board to get this information. Unfortunately he lost at both the District Court level and the appellate level.  Not surprisingly judges are actually on PERA, with a clear conflict of interest.  So our State Treasurer came to me to fix this legislatively.  We ran the first piece of legislation, to allow the State Treasurer access to this information, basic corporate governance and transparency, and 40 plus people came to testify against the bill –that’s a lot!

To put that in perspective, on most legislation you will get a mere handful of people showing up to testify, if you run legislation(Like I have)on something “controversial” like protecting Life or our Second Amendment you will get around 20 liberals showing up to testify against the bill, so 40 for PERA transparency is a lot – when there’s, smoke there’s fire.  In fact, even though the bill was killed by the Democrats – PERA for the first time ever admitted to a large unfunded liability.

PERA still has not disclosed all of their financials. So take all “fix-it” plans for PERA with a grain of salt.  I’m a finance guy, and I like to make decisions and take actions based on actual facts and numbers.  For example the $83 Billion unfunded liability is based on incomplete data (But probably the most comprehensive analysis of what’s available), and it may be worse.  Usually in government, when someone doesn’t want to be transparent – they are hiding something big. You should definitely be wary of politicians claiming to have the magic bullet fix for PERA.


We want a proven conservative that will ALWAYS look out for taxpayer as our next State Treasurer.  My track record stands alone among the candidates for State Treasurer.  Over the last six years in the legislature, my record is arguably the most conservative voting record in the history of the Colorado Legislature.  Please be a good citizen and do your research before you vote.

Specifically check the ratings on PrinciplesOfLiberty.org (POL) and ColoradoTaxpayer.org (CUT)THERE IS A BIG DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE CANDIDATES.  For example, in the 2017 & 2018 Principles of Liberty ratings, I got an “A+” rating, while other candidates for State Treasurer got an “F”, yes an “F”!!  With these ratings, politicians who claim to be “conservative” are exposed.  It only gets worse if you look at the column “Fiscal Responsibility” in POL, the other candidates received an “F“ while I have an “A”.  If your grade is an “F“on fiscal responsibility, you cannot claim to be conservative.  I will continue to be that “A+” conservative voice as your next State Treasurer.

You also need to know that I’m a Christian and I vote that way.  It’s not reflected in these ratings but I wear my faith on my sleeve and it guides my life, and definitely my votes.  Being a Conservative Christian in today’s political climate is tough for many, but not for me.  You need to have moral values to make moral decisions in your life and for the people you represent.

Values are important and I vote my values.  I vote 100% Pro-Life, and have run and co-sponsored bills to protect our unborn children. I’m 100% for Traditional Marriage, and have voted against changing the definition of marriage.  I’m 100%  for us to be able to raise our kids as we see fit, not the government – I’ve voted against ALL legislation that interferes with the parent-child relationship.  Of course, I’ve co-sponsored legislation to defend and protect our religious liberties.  We need someone who has these moral values as your next State Treasurer.

I’m an unapologetic Constitutional Conservative.  These are our God given rights and we need to protect them.  Many of you who have seen me speak, know that I carry a Constitution in my jacket pocket, close to my heart.  It’s clear I vote that way as well.

You probably won’t be surprised that I’ve run legislation to strengthen our second amendment rights every year i’ve been in the legislature.  I was 1 of only 4 legislatiors to get an “A+” rating from the NRA last election, and the only candidate for State Treasurer to get that rating.

It probably doesn’t come as shock to you that I’m known as “Dr. No” or “Justin NEVERett” in the legislature.  That’s because I’ve set the record for the most “No” votes in the history of the Colorado legislature.  Not only do I read all the bills before I vote, but I stand firm on principle even when it is “optically” bad to vote against a bad bill.  It’s not always the popular vote, but I know it’s the right vote.  I have a six year record of doing this and you know I will continue to do the right thing as your next State Treasurer.


My state house seat in Jefferson County is competitive.  In 2012, we won his house seat with 52% running as a Constitutional Christian Conservative.  In 2014, the Democrats and liberal groups spent a ton of money (At least 7 times what I spent) to take me out and we won with 55%, increasing our margin by a net of 6%.  In 2016 we won 60% of the vote.  Apparently if you campaign talking about conservative values, voters will vote for you because conservative values are in fact AMERICAN values.

That’s great, I won a competitive House seat – but can I win state-wide?  Well, in February of this year the Republican State Treasurer candidates debated the Democrat candidates in front of a bi-partisan crowd with the other candidates stacking the deck with their supporters.  In spite of this, and not see many familiar faces in the audience, we won the straw poll with 35%, besting the next highest scoring Republican by one-third and besting the highest scoring Democrat by nearly 30%.  All of the other Republican candidates going through this State Convention finished about equal or well below the Democrat candidates.  Clearly they cannot win.

So if you want to nominate the only candidate who is qualified, conservative and can win – I NEED YOUR VOTE before 7pm on June 26th.

Together, we can take our state back!

Thank you and God bless,





Justin Everett, State Representative

Candidate to be your Next State Treasurer