We want a proven conservative that will ALWAYS look out for taxpayer as our next State Representative.  My track record stands alone among the candidates for State Representative.  Over the last six years in the legislature, my record is arguably the most conservative voting record in the history of the Colorado Legislature.  Please be a good citizen and do your research before you vote.  Specifically check the ratings on PrinciplesOfLiberty.org (POL) and ColoradoTaxpayer.org (CUT)

For example, in the 2017 & 2018 Principles of Liberty ratings, I got an “A+” rating, while the other candidate got an “F”, yes an “F”!!  With these ratings, politicians who claim to be “conservative” are exposed.  It only gets worse if you look at the column “Fiscal Responsibility” in POL, the other candidates received an “F“ while I have an “A”.  If your grade is an “F“ on fiscal responsibility, you cannot claim to be conservative.  I will continue to be that “A+” conservative voice as your State Representative.

You also need to know that I’m a Christian and I vote that way.

It’s not reflected in these ratings but I wear my faith on my sleeve and it guides my life, and definitely my votes.  Being a Conservative Christian in today’s political climate is tough for many, but not for me.  You need to have moral values to make moral decisions in your life and for the people you represent.

Values are important and I vote my values.  I vote 100% Pro-Life, and have run and co-sponsored bills to protect our unborn children. I’m 100% for Traditional Marriage, and have voted against changing the definition of marriage.  I’m 100%  for us to be able to raise our kids as we see fit, not the government – I’ve voted against ALL legislation that interferes with the parent-child relationship.  Of course, I’ve co-sponsored legislation to defend and protect our religious liberties.  We need someone who has these moral values as your State Representative.

 I’m an unapologetic Constitutional Conservative.

These are our God given rights and we need to protect them.  Many of you who have seen me speak, know that I carry a Constitution in my jacket pocket, close to my heart.  It’s clear I vote that way as well.

You probably won’t be surprised that I’ve run legislation to strengthen our second amendment rights every year i’ve been in the legislature.  I was 1 of only 4 legislators to get an “A+” rating from the NRA last election, and the only candidate for in this race to get that rating.

It probably doesn’t come as shock to you that I’m known as “Dr. No” or “Justin NEVERett” in the legislature.  That’s because I’ve set the record for the most “No” votes in the history of the Colorado legislature.

Not only do I read all the bills before I vote, but I STAND FIRM on principle even when it is “optically” bad to vote against a bad bill.

 It’s not always the popular vote, but I know it’s the right vote.  I have a six year record of doing this and you know I will continue to do the right thing as your State Representative.