Why Ratings Matter

They are a good snapshot of what your politician is up to…

Why do groups rate legislators?  I think a great way to answer that question is with the age old joke “How do you know if a politician is lying?…His lips are moving!”  Politicians will tell you what you want to hear to get your vote, and SHOCKINGLY it isn’t always true!  So, why are most Republican candidates in Primaries claiming to be “conservative”?  It’s because they know you need to think they’re conservative to get your vote.  With ratings from outside groups, it’s a check on politicians truthfulness.  Especially here in Colorado, what politicians say they’re doing under the Gold Dome in Denver may not actually be what they’re doing.

The two “conservative” ratings most people look to in Colorado is Principles of Liberty (POL) and the Colorado Union of Taxpayers (CUT).  Principles of Liberty was created by the Republican Study Committee of Colorado when Republican Leadership at the time was rejecting literature rating legislation to be distributed to legislators at the Capitol.  POL as it’s called has North of 20,000 data points on how it rates legislators, and they rate about 250 bills per year (That’s almost half of the bills introduced per year).  POL rates bills on the following principles: Individual Liberty, Personal Responsibility, Property Rights, Free Markets, Limited Government, Fiscal Responsibility, Equal Protection of the Law, and State vs Federal Powers.  Principles of Liberty was replaced by Republican Liberty Caucus of Colorado in 2019.

Here is a good synopsis of what your legislators have been up to.  I suggest you read this before you vote:

Principles of Liberty

This was the most comprehensive analysis of legislators votes.

2013-2015 Justin Everett finishes #1 with an A+

2013 Ratings

2014 Ratings

2015 Ratings


The 2016 Anomaly

2016 Ratings

Justin Everett finishes 2nd with an A+ rating.  Admittedly, I was trying to persuade a legislator to flip his vote.  In the process on my vote sheet, I turned the page versus flipping the page and voted wrong on a bill that Principles of Liberty was rating.

2017-2018 Justin Everett finishes #1 with an A+

2017 Ratings

2018 Ratings

Republican Liberty Caucus of Colorado

This replaced Principles of Liberty in 2019.  These scores are comparable.

2019 - Justin's Opponent receives an F

2019 Ratings (You have to scroll way down on the webpage to see the ratings)

Justin’s Republican Primary opponent gets an F rating.  There is a clear difference.


2020 - He got an "F" AGAIN!

Colorado Union of Taxpayers (CUT) 2013 – 2018

These ratings aren’t as comprehensive as Principles of Liberty.  But CUT has been rating legislators since the 1970 and has been the conservative standard.  These are the ratings for Justin Everett.


In 2013 and 2014 Justin is recognized at the “House Champion” and #1 in the House of Representatives.


In 2015 and 2016 Justin is still one of the top scoring House members.


Justin finishes in the top 5, and is recognized as a “Taxpayer Guardian”.   2017. 2018.

Colorado Union of Taxpayers (CUT) 2019 -2020

These are the CUT ratings for Justin’s opponent.  There IS a difference in the two candidates!


As you can see, Justin’s opponent was near the bottom of all Republicans.  Click here.

2020 - Not Yet Released

These are usually released in June, however with the Legislative Session being pushed back, we’re not sure these ratings will be availble before June 30th.